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We help inventors turn ideas into commercially viable designs, and present them successfully to large companies.


You have a great idea – you just need the right people to see it and agree to commercialize your design.


Because we’ve worked with start-ups and corporations, we understand the challenges inherent in creating and marketing your invention. Our experience with hundreds of inventors shows that, when presenting their ideas to corporations, they frequently overestimate market size and underestimate the challenges of integrating their invention into clinical practice. We can refine your core idea to improve marketability and help you present it in a way that’s consistent large company expectations.


We can help you:

  • Evaluate and strengthen technologies for manufacturability & marketability
  • Design and develop new products
  • Identify the right concept to pursue and develop design requirements
  • Ready ideas for commercialization: prototyping, manufacturing, marketing planning
  • Evaluate and present your ideas to appeal to a large company
  • Avoid common mistakes when presenting to a large company

Customer Needs

We know how to ask the right questions and translate the clinician’s perspective into technical requirements, ensuring that you deliver the right product to the market.

Many times we’ve seen small changes in device design impact clinical practice to an extent that limits market adoption. In addition to technical proficiency, we have extensive experience in understanding the clinical user’s environment, how the device interfaces with other devices and how it impacts current practice. This ensures that our designs address user needs without sacrificing clinical performance.


Our extensive manufacturing experience can help ensure that your design moves from prototype to production without a hitch.

We have seen many innovative designs and prototypes fail to meet the rigors of manufacturing scale-up. These issues are costly and time consuming to fix, and can impact cost targets, profitability and payback on investments. Delays can affect launch and marketing plans, placing pressure on revenue targets.

Our specialty is making your idea makeable. We help avoid manufacturability and cost issues early on, before capital is committed, reducing your financial and market risk.

Develop A Go To Market Strategy

We can help you deliver a compelling presentation of your invention that appeals to a potential acquirer or licensor.

Your presentation needs to reach beyond engineers and resonate with marketers, clinicians and business leaders to sell your idea to a big company. You need to quickly attract their attention and lead them to the right conclusion about your invention.

We spent over a decade at a major medical device leader, evaluating over 1,000 external submissions from technical, marketing, competitive, and strategic perspectives.   We are well positioned to prepare you for success in front of a potential partner.