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About Fulcrum

The Fulcrum™ team of noted medical technology inventors and product developers provides unmatched expertise in bringing commercially successful medical devices to market. Their combined experience delivers leverage to companies large and small.

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Fulcrum Collaborators

Fulcrum provides unique access to external experts who have well-respected capabilities in the medical device industry. We draw on these resources when your project requires an additional level of specialization, from R&D strategy and manufacturing process design, to regulatory compliance and sales & marketing strategy.

  • Rich Caizza
  • Jon Bell

RICH CAIZZA, Principal


Rich is a prolific, award-winning inventor in a number of industries, both medical and consumer products. He is named on over 40 patents and patents pending. His design contributions are largely the cornerstone for the entire modern portfolio of BD safety injection devices, which generate over $100 million in annual revenues in the US alone. He has traveled extensively to the developing world to address the challenges of disease spread via unsafe injection practices.

Rich’s foundation in manufacturing brings a unique pragmatism to his designs. His distinctive perspective enables him to thoroughly integrate manufacturing expertise with customer interface and design, resulting in more practical, actionable, and market-relevant solutions.

Rich was inducted into the NJ Inventors Hall of Fame as the 2010 Inventor of the Year.

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JON BELL, Principal


Jon has made significant contributions as a medical device inventor, award-winning product developer and cross-functional team leader. He worked for a large Fortune 500 medical device company as well as a start up firm, providing him with insight to the unique challenges from both perspectives.

Jon has overseen every aspect of bringing a new product to market. As a leader for reviewing new external inventions and products, Jon routinely interfaced with inventors as he evaluated IP, concepts, and product ideas for commercial viability and manufacturability. Jon is Six Sigma Black Belt trained. The hallmarks of his success are steadiness under pressure, ability to plan for contingencies, focus on the customer and solid execution skills.

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Observing injection practices.

Observing injection practices.

Conducting clinician interviews to gather customer requirements.

Meeting with President Barack Obama's Kenyan grandmother, Haja Sarah Omar.

Fulcrum: Committed To Safe Injection Practices

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide contract Hepatitis and HIV from reusing  single-use medical devices, including syringes, IV bags, and multi-dose medication vials.  Once thought to be a developing world problem, studies by the CDC and others have brought to light hundreds of thousands of episodes in the US, as well.

Fulcrum’s principals have contributed to design solutions for this problem for both the developed and developing world. They also understand that education, advocacy, and public policy are necessary to stop unsafe injection practices.  Rich Caizza serves as Scientific Advisor for the HONOReform Foundation, an organization dedicated to eliminating syringe reuse in the United States, and has participated in legislative visits, CDC policy meetings, and advocacy events to continue to raise awareness of this important public health problem.