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Welcome to Fulcrum.

We help you innovate faster and more confidently. Leverage our expertise to speed market entry and reduce risk.  

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Medical Device Firms

We help you get to the right solution, avoid the pitfalls, and position yourself for success more cost-effectively, allowing you to avoid expensive and time-consuming setbacks.  

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Pharmaceutical Companies

When it comes to integrating delivery devices into your products, you need new expertise. We help you minimize delays and redesigns by anticipating and avoiding common pitfalls.  

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We help you present your idea in a way that a prospective licensor or acquirer will appreciate, and position your idea in “big company” terms because we’ve been on the receiving end for many such presentations.  

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About Fulcrum

The Fulcrum™ team of noted medical technology inventors and product developers provides unmatched expertise in bringing commercially successful medical devices to market. Their combined experience delivers leverage to companies large and small.

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